Our method is based on the communicative learning. This natural approach offers our students the chance to use English in a real communicative context by exposing them to real communicative situations. This learning process counts on some key elements such as the input, the interaction and the motivation.


When learning a new language we receive a great amount of input from our environment, words and sentences that we may not understand at first but that we are able to decipher through context and intuition. This would be a first phase of message reception. Our school philosophy is to offer students this input in a real environment so they can relate English to real situations.


By receiving this input, we feel the need to communicate and interact with the environment, we are involved then in a trial and error process. At this point, a comfortable and encouraging atmosphere is essential so students take the initiative to express themselves orally. This learner’s attitude is known as ‘affective filter’: being emotionally motivated is key to any learning process, learning is more meaningful in a relaxed and warm environment such as the one we offer at our school.


Motivation is an essential element for the learning process. Wonder School offers activities that foster a playful learning such as cooking, drama, role-play, puppet, yoga or handcrafts among others. The activities that we design are perfectly updated and adapted to every age.

Our facilities also foster this motivation element thanks to their bright design and our location surrounded by green areas. All these components create an atmosphere that kids enjoy and that helps them develop their creativity and their communicative skills.


English lessons for kids from 2 years-old

100% oral

Maximum 6 kids per group

through play