We offer courses for kids of 2 year old to teenagers.

With younger students’ courses we focus exclusively on oral communication. As students grow up we introduce in our syllabus written expression and reading comprehension. Our activities always count on a playful component; this approach is key to foster an unconscious and natural learning in younger children.

With older students we work the four basic language skills -listening, speaking, reading and writing–, always emphasizing the oral practice. Furthermore, we also prepare our secondary students to pass official exams, in case they have that interest.

All our courses are in small groups in order to offer a student-centered teaching and to provide they feel comfortable in the group and during the learning process; as well as to foster their active participation in the activities.


English Summer Camp

Our school offers English summer camps. Students can attend this camps week by week and they provide an exceptional option for the summer holidays of kids between 3 and 12 years-old.

We will have a great time during the morning while learning English! Our summer camp is bases on joyful activities like storytelling, cooking, drama, singing, dancing, outdoor games, swimming pool, trips through the town and more. We offer a warm and nice atmosphere so kids feel like home, and in English!

Activities last from 10:00 to 14:00 yet this schedule can be widened from 9:00 to 15:00 to help work-life balance.


This is one of our most successful activities. Our students use English to talk about the ingredients, explaining and talking about the process of the recipe and in the end we taste the result!


Reading is a fundamental part in the learning process. When kids are old enough, we work reading and comprehension with comics, stories, storytelling or adapted novel or readings about their interests.

Outdoor games and yoga

Whenever we have good weather students can play games outdoors or practice yoga and other activities in order to develop their motor skills. This way children also reinforce their relationships with others and have a great time.


Handcrafts help children of every age to develop their concentration skills as well as they reinforce concepts by making a project. Furthermore, they will be using English to get the tools and materials they need.


Songs have always been a joyful and effective method to learn a language, for any age. Working with songs can go from singing and dancing and musical games to understanding poems and metaphors. With songs we improve pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar structures or our listening skills.

Drama and Role-Play

This activity encourages kids to speak English through drama and simulation. Our students can perform daily or fictional situations, the older students can even dare with improvisation.


Younger students love to take part in this activity by becoming a character and being part of the story.

Exam preparation

We prepare teenage students to pass official exams whenever they are ready and in case they want to certify their level.